Webinar 2023 április

Uniting Assurance & ESG

Building risk-aware teams and processes

Date and time: 19 April, from 9:00 to 9:30 BST / 10:00-10:30 CEST.



ESG information is falling under greater scrutiny from regulators, investors, customers and the board. The need to produce credible reports, demonstrate transparency and build trust couldn’t be clearer.

Risk and audit professionals play an invaluable role in embedding trust within complex integrated reporting processes. But, in order to unlock this value, they need oversight of the end-to-end reporting process and to be able to collaborate seamlessly with finance and sustainability teams. 

During this webinar, representatives from John Bendermacher, ECIIA President and CIA at Euroclear, Philippe Noirot, FERMA representative, AMRAE Board member and former Group Risk Management Head at Orange, and Anne Hélène Monsellato, Non-Exec Board Member at ecoDa., and Charles Calovich, GRC Industry Principal at Workiva, will lay out methodologies for better cross-functional collaboration.

This second webinar with Workiva, will also discuss the paper we have issued with FERMA/ecoDa, ESG embedding: are you ready?

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